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OUR MAILING ADDRESs – The Book Fair Depot
The Greater St. Louis Book Fair warehouse is located at 2457 Rock Island Blvd., Maryland Heights, MO 63043. This is our MAILING ADDRESS ONLY, and the fair is NOT located at this address.
The book fair is supported almost entirely by volunteers. Thank you for your patience as we respond to your inquiries.
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Directions to the 2024 Fair

The 2024 Greater St. Louis Book Fair will occur at the newly-renovated facility at Queeny Park at 550 Weidman Rd, Manchester, MO 63011, from 5/2/23 to 5/5/23. To reach the book fair within Queeny Park, follow the main road to the Queeny Park Rink. For more details, and to plan your visit, click the button below.

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