American Autograph Journal (Life in Letters)


Published: Merion Station, PA: American Autograph Shop

Publication Date: (Unknown)

45 issues between 1938-1942. "OUR AIM: To preserve in these pages interesting letters of historical or literary importance, written by great Americans, reflecting their own times; letters and manuscripts of persons unknown to fame and posterity with unusual contents. We gather material from all parts of the world and we scatter it again to all parts of the world. And here shall be a modest record of some of the material that passed through our hands." These little booklets are about 40 pages each. All have moderate browning to cover edges, These are collections of letters, not signatures.

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Category: Literary Collections

Periodical: Journal

Softcover; 45 Volumes

All bindings are tight with no tearing or crumbling


Very Good Condition

Some browning on covers, pages are in very good condition.

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