Prince Valiant in the Days of King Arthur: The Saga of the Singing Sword

Foster, Harold (Illustrator)

Published: Germany: Splitter. 1995

Publication Date: 1995

Hard Cover. Scarce English language edition. Numbered Limited Edition, 1-450. Full Color illustrations. (Prinz Eisenherz Jahrgang 1953) The Saga of the Singing Sword. In 1995 a German publisher began a series of deluxe hard cover books reprinting facsimile Sunday pages of Prince Valiant. Each book reproduces in full color a complete year of Hal Foster's epic knights in armor adventure. Superb reproduction and each original Sunday page is printed in full color on heavy coated luxury paper stock and bound in super dark blue hard cover board. Original Sunday pages #830 - #881. 56 pages. Size: 12" x 14¾" Limited Edition /450

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Category: Comics & Graphic Novels


Hardcover; 56 Pages


Fine / Mint Condition

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