Three Weeks in Spring

Parker, Joan (Author) and Robert B. Parker (Author)

1st Edition

Published: Boston, MA: Houghton Mifflin Company. 1978

Publication Date: 1978

ISBN 395262828

Signed By: Joan Parker; Robert B. Parker

This story by the acclaimed mystery writer and his wife about her diagnosis of breast cancer was remarkable in its day for its candid and honest portrayal of the effect of the disease on the entire family, its treatment, its lasting repercussions. The Parkers' love and commitment to each other shines through.

Additional Information

Category: Biography & Autobiography


Hardcover; Dust Jacket; 183 Pages

Beige tweed boards with turquoise lettering and flyleafs. DJ is dark red with turquoise and white lettering. Photo of Parker family on back cover.


Very Good Condition

Inscribed on the title page to the owner, whose library seal is the only other marking on the book. DJ is Good, with wear on all edges and dirt (perhaps ballpoint ink) mark on lower front.

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