Matheson, Richard Christian (Author) and Harry O. Morris (Illustrator) and 28 Other Contributors (Author)

1st Edition

Published: Springfield, PA: Gauntlet Publications. (2000)

Publication Date: (2000)

ISBN 1887368248

Numbered 183 / 250

Signed By: Richard Christian Matheson; Harry O. Morris; 28 Other Contributors

The definitive collection of Richard Christian Matheson's critically acclaimed stories of dread and the irreal. Deluxe Signed Edition: #183 of 250 copies. 60 stories, with introductions from (and signatures of) esteemed authors Clive Barker, Poppy Z Brite, Edward Bryant, Ramsey Campbell, Ellen Datlow, Dennis Etchison, Mick Garris, Ray Garton, Ed Gorman, Melissa Mia Hall, George Clayton Johnson, Stephen Jones, Dean Koontz, Joe R. Lansdale, Pat LoBrutto, Buddy Martinez, William F. Nolan, David J. Schow, Craig Spector, Stanley Wiater, Chet Williamson, F. Paul Wilson, Douglas E. Winter, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, Jack Ketchum, and Michael Marshall Smith. With an introduction by Richard Matheson and afterword by Peter Straub. Also contains ten full-color illustrations by Harry Morris.

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Category: Fiction


Hardcover; Dust Jacket; 518 Pages

Black leatherette binding with pictorial DJ. Ten full-color illustrations. Deluxe signed edition.


Very Good Condition

DJ also VG. Like new.

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